About Glen Road

Private companies seeking capital have limited options:

Conventional (Bank) Financing

Usually asset-backed lending Often requires strong covenants and personal guarantees

Private Equity

A company must be ready to give up autonomy Valuation is usually a stumbling block

Public Markets Financing

For many companies, going public is not the right answer It takes resources and manpower to become a public company

The GRC Alternative

GRC provides flexible financing for business owners that are:

Looking to grow their business

Wishing to monetize, partially, the value they have created


Needing to create and execute a succession plan

Glen Road Capital’s strategy is to provide needed capital while taking a meaningful position in the subject company.

Our focus is on privately held companies in Canada and the United States with revenues in the range of $10 million to $25 million, looking for a capital injection of $3 million to $10 million. Investment in these companies can take the form of equity, debt or the purchase of a royalty-like revenue stream.

GRC invests in top-line revenue streams that grow with their investee companies.

Looking for Capital?

Are you:

  • The owner of an established private company that needs capital to expand? Or that simply wants to distribute some of the value that has built up over the years?
  • A member of a senior management team looking to take a major stake in the company you have been working for?
  • The retiring major shareholder of a company looking to finance a succession plan?

Glen Road Capital offers an innovative source of non-dilutive capital to assist you in realizing your strategic goals.